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Until now, there’s been no way for a business owner or manager to know whether their facility has been infected with coronavirus for COVID-19.  But your HouseCheck Coronavirus Surface Test Kit provides a proven method for discovering whether your place of business has a coronavirus problem. 

This simple, accurate do-it-yourself surface test kit is provided by HouseCheck Environmental Services, an established national leader in environmental testing and remediation in commercial settings.  We’ve taken the professional procedures we use on large spaces (such as office buildings, hotels, and convention centers), and adapted them for small businesses, offices, restaurants, and shops... just like yours. 

Here's what to expect in the next few days...

In the next 2 days you will receive your kit via 2-Day priority shipping. If you chose overnight shipping you will receive it sooner, of course. When you receive your kit, please check all contents. You will need to have your sample back off to the lab in 24-48 hours. 

Your kit will contain a testing swab, a Chain of Custody document, complete instructions, a pair of nitrile rubber gloves and a pre-paid return shipping envelope.  It is very important that you completely read and follow the instructions while administering your test.

After you have completed your swab tests in adherence to the instructions, you will need to put the swab back in its container and snap it closed. You'll then place it in the provided, pre-paid overnight shipping envelope and drop it at the nearest FedEx location or arrange for FedEx pick-up. 

The lab will receive your sample the next day and will process your swab using RT-PCR (reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction). This is a molecular diagnostic test that detects the presence of viral genetic material from your swab. As you can imagine, demand for this test is extremely high and we strive to have your results in 5-7days or sooner. You will receive your results via email to the address you provided with this order, along with recommendations for any next steps.

HouseCheck cares about you!  We’re committed to helping you and your business regardless of your test results!  If your test shows coronavirus is present in your facility, we’ll provide detailed information to help you through the steps required to keep you, your employees, and your customers as safe as possible.

You've made a wise decision to test your place of business for the presence of coronavirus, but we're guessing you may need a little more information...

Thanks again for your purchase of our Coronavirus Surface Test Kit

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