Frequently Asked Questions About Your

Coronavirus Surface Testing Kit...

Will this swab test work specifically for coronavirus?

Yes. This test is designed specifically to detect coronavirus (COVID-19) on surfaces in your facility. Please be aware it is not for testing on humans.

Is this test easy to administer by myself?

The test is very easy to administer. If you can operate a Q-Tip swap you can complete this test. Plus we provide full written and video instructions to take you through it.

How many rooms will one swab cover?

With one swab you will be able to test several surfaces in your home in different rooms. We recommend starting with higher traffic areas such as kitchen surfaces and doorknobs.

How fast will I get my results?

The lab strives to get your test results back to you as quickly as possible. However, due to extremely high demand, we may need up to 5-7 days to process your results. Often you will get them back sooner.

What do I do if my business tests positive for coronavirus?

If your has tested positive for coronavirus DON’T PANIC! The fact that coronavirus was found in your home doesn’t automatically mean you and your family will become seriously ill. Follow these simple tips to remedy the situation. Arrange for each member of you family to be tested for COVID-19, if testing is available. Until test results are available, you and all your family members should try to stay inside as much as possible and avoid interaction with others; even if you don’t experience coronavirus symptoms, you may be contagious to others. Next, you should arrange to give your home a thorough cleaning using CDC-approved products and protocols for mitigating coronavirus. This will involve separate steps for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces in your home. • If you have questions or concerns, please contact the HouseCheck Coronavirus Hotline at • Further information on combating COVID-19 can be found at

Can I use this test on myself or my employees?

No. This test is specifically designed to detect the presence of coronavirus on surfaces. It is not for human use. Do NOT use it on yourself or any other humans.

Can I use this test in my home as well as my business?

Yes. This test will work in any structure, however you may not use the same swab kit on mutliple buildings. You will need to purchase additional kits for other buildings, either home or business.

Can I purchase additional testing kits?

Yes, of course. To purchase additional coronavirus surface test kits, visit:

What is the difference between coronavirus and COVID-19?

Coronavirus is the virus that could be present on your hard surfaces like counter-tops or doorknobs. COVID-19 is the sickness in humans caused by coronavirus. This kit tests the hard surfaces in your facility for the presence of coronavirus which can lead to infection with COVID-19.

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