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Academic Calendar

The Online Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring spans a total of 8 months, and is built upon a rolling enrollment philosophy. This means that the Film Scoring Academy of Europe offers this program beginning at various dates throughout the year, and your commencement will be determined by when you are accepted and enroll in the program. The first class of Online Graduate Diploma composers will commence on January 18, 2021. The modules and recording sessions are spread evenly throughout the 8 months of coursework.

Tuition & Fees

October 27, 2020 Announcement The Film Scoring Academy of Europe has received an endowment to award scholarships to every student who applies and is accepted before January 18, 2021. The scholarship amount per student is €3,400. Total Degree Tuition: €14,850 tuition - €3,400 Scholarship = €11,450 total tuition This scholarship offer expires January 18, 2021, or when the scholarship fund runs out.
Submit your application ASAP to qualify.
Included in Tuition:

  • 100+ comprehensive masterclasses in Scoring for the Screen, MIDI Mockups, Sound Design, Orchestration, Mixing & Production, and more, totaling over 216 hours of essential training for film and game composers
  • Comprehensive training in all skillsets necessary to be successful in the media scoring world
  • A substantial professional portfolio: 9 recording sessions of your music with the European Recording Orchestra (ERO)
  • Multi-cam HD video footage of the European Recording Orchestra (ERO) playing your music in the recording studio
  • 1-on-1 tutorials with our faculty on all course content (every week)
  • 1-on-1 tutorials on your orchestrations with Norman Ludwin, orchestrator for Michael Giacchino (prior to every recording session)
  • 1-on-1 tutorials with Andy Hill, Program Director of the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, on developing your musical voice (every month)
  • A Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring upon successful completion of the program. A Graduate Diploma is a Graduate-level degree worth 30 credits (60 ECTS Credits in Europe)
Payment Schedule Program Deposit: €500 (Due ASAP to reserve your seat) Payment 1: €5,475 (Due 30 days prior to program commencement) Payment 2: €5,475 (Due 30 days after program commencement) A note about the payment schedule: as the Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring is a rolling enrollment program, the payment schedule depends on when students enroll and begin their coursework.

Technology Requirements

Technology Requirements: -- Avid Pro Tools 12 -- DAW (Logic Pro X, Cubase, Digital Performer, etc.) -- Serum by Xfer Records (for the Sound Design module) -- EastWest Composer Cloud -- MIDI Keyboard Technology Recommendations: -- Apple Macbook Pro (quad-core, 16GB ram, SSD minimum spec.) -- Logic Pro X -- Industry Standard Orchestral Sound Libraries -- NotePerformer Playback Engine -- Spectrasonics Omnisphere -- High Quality Reference Headphones and/or Studio Monitors -- Soundtoys, Slate Digital, or Waves Mixing Suite -- 1TB External SSD for Sound Libraries

Application Requirements

Submitting your free application is simple. Click here to apply and learn about the application requirements for the Online Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring.

How Does It Work?

This is both an asynchronous and synchronous program. You do not need to sign on at a certain time each day for class. You will complete the classes and modules at times convenient to you and your schedule. The 9 provided recording sessions are scheduled and distributed throughout the 8 month course. Module content, lectures and assignments will be delivered via our exclusive online platform, which we have coded and created specifically for this program. Students will login with their unique login details for access to the program content. Each student will have one-on-one time with our online faculty, as well as one-on-one time on their orchestrations prior to each recording session with Norman Ludwin, our orchestration lecturer and Michael Giacchino's orchestrator. Each student will also have regularly scheduled review sessions of their compositions to picture with various members of the faculty. All recording sessions will be held in Doli Media Studio and Sofia Session Studio, conducted and produced by the faculty at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, and recorded by the European Recording Orchestra (ERO). Students do not need to attend the recording sessions in person. Instead, students will be able to login to the HD video and audio streams to produce their recording sessions alongside our team of orchestrators and score supervisors. The online Graduate Diploma in Film and Game Scoring includes lectures from some of our guest artists.

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