Written and Video Instructions for Your

Coronavirus Surface Testing Kit...

Congratulations on your purchase of a HouseCheck Coronavirus Surface Test

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions for successfully completing your test. 


To get started, we recommend putting on nitrile gloves to protect the swab from cross-contamination.  We’ve provided a pair of gloves in the kit for your convenience.


Now, grasp the package the contains the swab and tube, and carefully peel back the plastic at the top.  The inside of the package is sterile, so be careful to avoid getting anything on the contents. 


Extract the tube from the package without removing the swab.  Remove the cap with a twisting motion, and discard the cap.  


Now, carefully remove the swab from the package, being careful not to touch the cotton swab.  


Insert the swab all the way into the opened tube.  The swab will touch the sponge at the bottom of the tube.  Now grasp the bottom of the tube from the outside and squeeze the tube at least three times.  This activates the swab.  


Extract the swab from the tube, holding it only by the handle at the end of the swab.  Now we’re ready to start the swabbing procedure.


It’s okay to swab up to six different surfaces, as long as they’re all in the same building.  We recommend swabbing high-touch areas such as countertops, door handles, and light switches, as high-touch areas are more likely to harbor viruses. 


To test a countertop, swab back and forth in a 4” x 4” area, twisting the swab as you go.  Then swab the same area again at right angles, again twisting the swab as you go. 


Follow the same basic procedure to test other areas, all without returning the swab to the tube.


When you’re finished swabbing the surfaces you want to test, return the swab to the solution tube and secure the cap tightly.  


Now you can remove the nitrile gloves, being careful to avoid contaminating your hands in the process. 


Once you’ve removed your gloves, write your name and the date of the test on the label on the tube.  A fine point Sharpie works well for this, because we don’t want this important information to get smudged or compromised. 


Please note that it’s vitally important to sign the Chain of Custody document that came with your kit!  We need this information to validate your test.  


Now insert the solution tube and Chain of Custody document into the provided mailer, and get the mailer into the FedEx system as quickly as possible…definitely no later than 48 hours after the test.  

Chain of Custody Form

Your Chain of Custody Form is extremely important as the lab technicians require it to process and validate your results. It will come pre-filled with your name and other pertinent information. If you only ordered one kit your will only have a single swab that will test up to six high traffic areas in your home. When you have finished swabbing, make sure to write your order number on your swab tube, make note of where you swabbed and sign and date the Chain of Custody form. YOU NEED TO RETURN THIS FORM TO THE LAB ALONG WITH YOUR SWAB(S). 

That’s it!  We’ll get your test results to you by email as quickly as possible, along with instructions on how to read and understand the test results. ​

Thank you for using the HouseCheck Home Coronavirus Test Kit!

If you have any questions, please see the FAQ's on this site or email us at cv-support@housecheck.com

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